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Vaccines are the most effective way to prevent infectious diseases and keep healthy

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COVID-19 boosters

The COVID-19 vaccination is still the best way to protect yourself against COVID-19.

Find out about eligibility, the latest booster programme, how to get your COVID booster (or further primary dose, if required) on the NHS website.

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Flu jabs

Flu is very infectious and can easily spread. If you are more vulnerable you can become seriously ill. To help protect yourself, make sure you have your FREE flu jab every autumn or early winter.

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Childhood vaccinations

There is a schedule of vaccinations for children, which are designed to give your child the best protection possible against preventable diseases.

View the full schedule on the NHS website here.

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Adult vaccinations

As you get older you will be offered further vaccines to support you in keeping well and preventing serious illness and preventable disease.

This includes the one off Pneumococcal (PPV) vaccine and Shingles vaccines, plus further vaccines for those who are at risk of becoming seriously ill.

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Travel vaccinations

The UK vaccination schedule protects against a number of diseases, but does not cover all of the infectious diseases found overseas. You may need to arrange further vaccinations if you are planning on traveling abroad.

Not all GP practices offer free travel vaccines. If you think you may need some further vaccines before travelling, contact your GP practice or a private travel clinic to discuss what you need and where you may receive these.

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