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Looking after a child or young person’s mental health

If your child is struggling with their mental health and emotional wellbeing, there is support available.

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Children and young people may need support for their mental health and emotional wellbeing at different stages as they grow up.

If you’re worried about your child’s mental health, there is support available for them, and for you too.

Signs a child might be struggling with their mental health

It can be tough to know if your child is struggling but there are things that might suggest something is wrong. Look out for:

  • significant behaviour changes
  • ongoing difficulty sleeping
  • withdrawing from social situations
  • not wanting to do things they usually like
  • self-harm or neglecting themselves
If someone’s life is at risk, they have taken an overdose or seriously harmed themselves, or you are worried you cannot keep them safe, call 999 or go to A&E immediately.

Where to go if you need help for your child

You can find tips and advice to support your child to maintain good mental health where you live. By following these links you’ll find services, community support groups and helplines.

Teenager in a black hoodie looking out of the window with a sad look on her face

Worry and anxiety

Many people describe anxiety as a feeling of fear or unease. It’s something lots of children and young people experience. It’s a natural reaction to some situations, but if it continues for a long-time it can make day to day life difficult.

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Depression and low mood

If your child is experiencing low mood, they may feel more sad, tearful, worried or tired than usual. Sometimes they may feel down and less confident in themselves. This can last a couple of days and then go away but sometimes these feelings persist for a long time.

If you notice signs of depression or low mood in your child, it’s important to seek support.

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Self-esteem is how a person feels about themselves. The pressures of modern life on children and young people can impact their self-esteem. Most children and young people will have dips in self-esteem as they grow up, but with support from loved ones they usually overcome this.

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Social media and mental health

Being online a lot as a young person is normal. But sometimes, young people see and hear content that has a negative impact on their mental health. Young Minds can help your child make their time online more positive.

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Gaming and mental health

There are some great things about gaming, but if it starts to take over a young person’s life, it can sometimes have a negative impact on their mental health. Young Minds can help your child make their time gaming more positive.

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Looking after yourself as a parent or carer

Being the parent or carer of a child with mental health problems is difficult, and the emotional toll can put your mental health at risk too.

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