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Why Swap?

Let’s get better and swap to a less harmful form of nicotine this September

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Why Swap?

Swaptember is a Humber and North Yorkshire region-wide campaign to raise awareness of the alternative forms of nicotine you can use in place of harmful tobacco.

Swapping cigarettes to less harmful forms of nicotine is a way of avoiding the harmful effects of tobacco, without the uncomfortable effects of nicotine withdrawal.

When you chose to swap your tobacco for a less harmful product you are also well on your way to stopping smoking entirely, if that is what you want to do. The good thing about swapping is that there’s no pressure to think, ‘This is it I have to stop now’, it’s simply about moving from a product that is deadly, to one that is not deadly at all, or at least substantially less so than tobacco, which will kill 2 out of every 3 people who don’t give up.

If that doesn’t persuade you to have a go, then maybe the financial side will…

Vapers spend on average about £23 per month

Compare the cost of smoking vs vaping – TechRound

compared to smokers who’ll spend around £150 a month (costs based on 11 cigarettes a day). That’s almost £130 every month back into your pocket. Of course, if you smoke 20-a-day you might be saving double that!

So, whether it’s health or wealth, swapping is the way forward.